IBK is an English kindergarten (nursery school and preschool) that provides English education for young children in Osaka City.

Parents' Voice



My daughter, who is currently an elementary school student, started attending IBK soon after it was founded. Since its foundation, IBK had a very fulfilled curriculum and felt the director's passion for English education.
It's been almost 6 years since my daughter graduated from IBK. My daughter doesn't have the same English-speaking environment like she used to have at IBK, but my daughter loves English. The music she listens to and the programs she watches are often time in English, so she incorporates English into her life. 
She also actively participates in English speech contests. Last year, she was able to achieve good results. I think this experience my daughter a lot of confidence.
English education in early childhood seems to be very useful not only for language but also for acquiring an international sense. I can understand that very well every time we travel abroad with her.
Wherever we go abroad with my daughter, she quickly becomes friends with local children of her age. It seems that children from any country can understand English, so she feels free to speak in English. Anyone who can communicate in English and smile is a friend!
My son was also IBK's student, and he had a great time there.
Like my daughter, I hope your child will acquire language and social skills like my daughter did at IBK.


My son has been attending IBK since he wa 2 years old, and this year is his 4th year in IBK now.
When my son just got enrolled at IBK, I was worried whether he would be okay with all English-speaking environment as he could barely speak Japanese at that time, let alone English. But every day when we came to IBK, he would smile and run to his friends and teachers, so I felt relieved.
Regarding learning English, I didn't make my child study or use English at home, as he started talking, writing and reading in English naturally.
Learning materials used in IBK are appropriate for the students' age, from elementary for young children and high-level ones for older children. I think it's thanks to the relaxed learning environment that children can naturally acquire a high level of English.
After graduating from IBK, my son wanted to keep attending it, and I enrolled him in an advanced class. It helped him to maintain and improve his English level.
One can prepare for an English exam, but one cannot learn how to speak English fluently without a favorable environment. We, parents, and our son are very grateful to IBK. All the teachers are cheerful and fun, and I am thankful to them for creating such an environment where children can learn English naturally without much effort.


After graduating from IBK, which was full of fun every day, it took my child some time to get used to the new environment.
At elementary school, my daughter had the joy of meeting new friends, but she had many new duties such as studying, day shifts, duties to clean and tidy up her classroom, and one year passed in no time.
In her second year of elementary school, my daughter had to spend more and more time studying, and since she is shy, she couldn't raise her hand during classes. But she could speak English fluently during her English lessons, so other students were amazed and admired her. Thanks to that experience, she became active in other classes too.
One day my daughter's friends, who had a hard time learning English, asked her how she learnt to speak English. She replied that it's thanks to playing with her preschool English teachers and hearing English since she was a little girl. She also gave her friends a piece of advice to watch Disney cartoons in English. I was delighted that there was something she felt confident about.
My 3rd-grade daughter enjoys art and craft lessons at school and likes singing the theme song from the famous "Frozen" cartoon in English. She also watches YouTube channels where children speak English. I'm impressed that she can write, read and listen to whatever she wants in English.
I would like to thank IBK for taking good care of my daughter and opening new doors to a big world for her.


First time I got to know about IBK when I saw its flashy bus in the city. I immediately wrote down the phone number. At that time, I was looking for a preschool for my 2-year old son. His personality was different from my eldest son, who, after graduating from a kindergarten like an elite training school, went to a private elementary school.
I also felt that learning English was very essential.
Immediately, I had an interview with the director and made a prompt decision. I was worried because it was just established, but I liked the IBK atmosphere and the people who work there. The kindergarten was very helpful and flexible regarding the route of the bus.
My son was very joyful throughout his years in IBK and never whined about going to IBK. He was able to have daily English conversations in about two years. I thought his knowledge of English was a result of a habit. Still, I was surprised that he understood the theoretical part as well. However, he was not conscious of studying English but instead learned it through play.
Even now, in his 5th grade of elementary school, he is still willing to learn English. It seems that he is aware that it is the most potent weapon for him.
He can communicate with people from around the world and fees at ease with foreigners, which makes me a little jealous.
As I watched him grow, I knew that I made the right decision by choosing IBK.


It's been four and a half years since my son graduated from the kindergarten.
IBK's curriculum is very well-developed and includes not only studies but also childcare.
I felt that IBK was unique because it nurtures the children emotionally as well. I felt that IBK was the only preschool I could send my son to.
My son, who is now in the fifth grade, sometimes talks about his friends and favorite teachers from IBK; he says he wants to meet them again.
One of his favorite activities was to use different tools to make various things. While engaging in various activities, he naturally learned to cooperate with his friends and help each other.
My son hasn't forgotten what he learned in IBK and enjoys continuing learning English at school. If I had to choose a preschool for my child again, I would send him to IBK again.


I wanted my child to be able to communicate not only in Japanese but also in English as well, so I was looking for an international preschool. My daughter became an IBK student from 2 years and 9 months old, and my son - since he was 1 year and 11 months old.
IBK teachers are all very kind and easygoing, and we are very satisfied with the way they treat children. Every day, teachers explain what the students have been doing throughout the day and about their behavior.
My daughter is currently in the Junior Kinder class. I feel that her English has improved drastically because of the strict "no Japanese allowed" classroom environment.
I am grateful to IBK for its rich curriculum and for teaching the students the joy of learning in general.


My daughter started attending IBK at the age of one and a half.
We increased the number of the days she attended IBK gradually.
Still, she cried a lot during the drop-off times. It's been three years since she started attending IBK, and now she's excited about going to the preschool every day, and even during the week-long summer vacation, she was looking forward to going back to IBK.
She started learning phonics at the age of three, and she began to take an interest in letters and sounds.
She is now trying to read the English written here and there, and we are playing English acronym games. An English acronym game is, for example, a game in which you need to guess the words starting from a particular letter. E.g., Apple, Ant, August, Activity, Animal, and so on. "Mom, did you find it?" "What kind?" "What color?" "Give me a hint!" We play this game in English.
I hope that English will be very useful for my daughter in the future.


We visited several preschools before deciding to enroll our son at IBK.
What made me choose IBK was that my son seemed to enjoy it, the words of the principal who explained the kindergarten, and how the staff treated my son.
At IBK, all the staff knows my son very well.
My son was 1 year 11 months when he started attending IBK. At first, he cried every time during drop-off times, and he had difficulties falling asleep during nap time. But thanks for the teacher's support, now my son wants to go to IBK even during the weekend. 
Whenever I pick up my son from school, his homeroom teacher tells me about my son's improvement, and I am amazed at his growth. Recently, he has started to sing English songs to me a lot. I am glad that we chose IBK.


At IBK, the curriculum is designed to be a fun way to lear with friends and includes many opportunities for discussions between teachers and friends.
Since students communicate in English, they learn it in a natural environment in their daily lives, rather than just understanding it in their minds. Furthermore, the various experiences of the teachers have influenced my child to look at things in a more global way.
I can't have a conversation with my child about what happened at preschool or what he learned without looking at a map of the world. The opportunity to learn about geography, ethnicity, and culture from an early age has greatly broadened my child's interests and fostered an international sensibility.


It's been almost a year since my daughter entered IBK at the age of 1 year and 9 months, and now her time at IBK has become the most exciting time for her.
Every day, I am amazed at her memory, flexibility, and the IBK curriculum, as she speaks English so naturally at home.
I was a little surprised at the speed of the English lessons I saw during the visit, but the children seemed to understand it and were not bored.
They seemed to be looking forward to the twice-weekly Chinese lessons, singing and counting in Chinese and speaking in English. When I see the older students talking to the teachers in English and treating my younger daughter with kindness, it convinces me that she is in an excellent environment.